Lenovo XClarity Pro - Lisens + 3 års programvareabonnement og -støtte - 1 styrt chassis - Linux, Win

Lenovo XClarity Pro - Lisens + 3 års programvareabonnement og -støtte - 1 styrt chassis - Linux, Win 00MT205
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ProduktserieLenovo XClarity
  • Deployment of firmware updates and configuration patterns to System x M5 and X6 rack servers and Flex System from the virtualization management tool
  • Extensive visibility into Flex System chassis inventory maps from the virtualization management platform
  • Ability to manage other System x servers using Lenovo XClarity Integrators for Microsoft System Center or VMware vCenter
  • Non-disruptive server maintenance in clustered environments that reduces workload downtime by dynamically evacuating workloads from affected hosts during rolling server updates or reboots
  • Greater service level uptime and assurance in clustered environments during unplanned hardware events by dynamically triggering workload evacuation from impacted hosts when impending hardware failures are predicted
Lenovo XClarity Pro edition is a suite that includes Lenovo XClarity Administrator and two software plugin modules: Lenovo XClarity Integrator for Microsoft System Center and Lenovo XClarity Integrator for VMware vCenter. Lenovo XClarity Pro provides all the features and benefits of Lenovo XClarity Administrator, while also allowing administrators to manage physical infrastructure from leading external virtualization management software tools from Microsoft and VMware while delivering additional workload resiliency.


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